Ongoing Services

Our System & Network Management Services as well as our Monitoring Services provide ongoing monitoring of customers' needs. They also monitor network devices and storage in order to check resources, performance and ensure better management.

Clickode MEA trouble-shooting monitoring and risolution

Clickode MEA trouble-shooting monitoring and risolution proattiva/proactive solutions allow our partners to access a portfolio of services for the trouble-shooting of SAP systems and risoluzione proattiva/proactive solutions of issues connected to technological/Basis Component. In addition, we offer periodic systems monitoring, analysis of the Early Watch Alert Report, database maintenance, job verification, user maintenance and more.

Ongoing guaranteed support

Our consultants are available 24/7, to monitor systems. This includes carrying out tasks from DBMS component maintenance to verification of jobs. This ensures stability of the SAP solutions, providing fast and qualified ongoing support to identify critical areas and to offer solutions for problems.

NON Productive system Productive system
SOLUTION OPERATORS Service description
- SAP solution and database administration Daily management of the SAP's single components and of their integration.
- SAP EWA Implement the semestral report early watch alert.
- - Connectivity Connectivity of the provider with the Secure data centere of the customer.
- Minor solution enhancements Smal evolutions of the SAp solution (Reporting to the Customer of the failed critical job,using monitoring.
- - SAP Landscape optimization Carry out the Refresh of the "QAS - Quality" / "DEV - Development" environment from the "PRD - production"; the Quality activities are more effective when carried out in a realistic environment.
- SAP solution and database installation Installation and configuration of the SAP solution.
Validation and acceptance test Simulation of errors anticipating the entire cycle of back-up / recovery.
- Service management Within periodic meetings the quality of service can be evaluated and any methods of improvement can be planned.


Clickode Mea creates application solutions to improve business, productivity and profitability for its customers in Asia, Europe and North Africa via the gradual introduction of innovative software tools.


Clickode Mea is part of GPA Holding, a partner company which keeps abreast of changes, new ideas and integrated solutions. We design, implement and maintain ICT (Information Communication Technology) solutions that manage and help monitor companies' information processes.


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